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Welcome to Bird Paradise! If you have not had the bird-paradise-crew opportunity  to visit our store, you are in for a wonderful experience. Within the walls of Bird Paradise awaits any bird and bird owner’s dream come true.

There is little doubt that our store is a very large bird store, probably the largest in the world. There is no doubt that we have an unsurpassed selection of toys, cages, bulk food, playstands, etc. etc. However, those are not the qualities about which we are most proud. It gives me great pride to say that each and every staff member owns, loves and respects birds. Each member is well aware that not all birds are suitable for all family situations. We take the time to talk with our customers, listen to their needs and desires.

Quite possibly a small conure is much better suited for a family with small children than the amazon parrot they had originally discussed. Cockatoos are some of the most cuddly, endearing parrots you will ever encounter. However, the household that lives in a small apartment and cannot dedicate several hours a day to the needs of these special animals, is best directed to another species.

At Bird Paradise, we care about each and every feathered baby and want to be assured that he or she will enter a loving and dedicated home and receive the best of care.

Bird Paradise is synonymous with education. An educated bird owner is empowered with the knowledge to give their new companion the proper care. After helping a customer decide which parrot is best suited for them, and if the bird is not yet ready to leave, we explain that their new companion needs regular visits in our Lounge. This gives the Avian Consultants at Bird Paradise the opportunity to educate the customer about proper diet, bathing, playstands, full-spectrum lighting, and behavior training. Visiting their new baby also gives the customer time to get acquainted and begin to build a relationship with their bird. Our relationship does not end when the baby goes home. We are always available to provide continuing education to each and every customer. It doesn’t matter if the bird is a canary or a macaw. The welfare of that bird is most important to everyone at Bird Paradise.

Bird Paradise provides free educational seminars to our customers. Our educational speakers have included Dr. Irene Pepperberg, Sally Blanchard, Dr. Branson Ritchie, Nikki Moustaki, Diane Grindol, Tani Robar, Barbara Heidenreich, Robin Shewokis and Maggie Wright. In June of 2006, we held a fund raiser for PDD research and raised over $12,000.00 for this most worthy cause. We hold annual fund raisers for The Alex Foundation founded by Dr. Irene Pepperberg.

We have been involved with companion parrots for over 30 years. We are owned by a Maltese named Lola, a Yorkie named Pippin, a Chihuahua named Zoe, and several parrots. They are the sunshine of our days and give meaning to the term unconditional love. Our home would truly be a much lonelier place without the barking, talking and singing. Our canary, Moe, can fill a room with song, but the operatic vocalizations of our Yellow Nape, Jose, are tough competition.

You see, from the moment you bring a companion parrot into your home, they begin to leave footprints on your heart.

Bird Paradise is that one-of-a-kind bird store where the customers are welcomed by a warm and friendly staff and where each and every customer is special.
Our customers are like family, hear what they have to say with their Birdparadise reviews.

  • I LOVE BIRD PARADISE! Yet sometimes the staff pays no attention to you. Hopefully when I purchase a feathered friend there they do pay attention. There are a wide selection of exotic birds here. They have finches to Macaws. The prices there are very reasonable for the birds. I like to play with the birds to find out which bird i might purchase.

  • in the last week-
    I love the store and i have alot off help great people and they are great you can find alot off toys and cage and something used cage i but my cage like 4 year ago and i still have the cage it was used in great cond love this store 5 star
  • How I love Bird Paradise, let me count the ways....

    Knowledgeable Staff
    Hands-on access to lots of birds
    Great food options
    Excellent variety

    When we decided to add a feathered friend to our family the staff at Bird Paradise helped us along every step of the way. We made daily visits after our newly hatched friend was able to be handled and they taught us how to properly feed him. 6 years later and our little gentleman, Cheyenne, is one of the best behaved african grey parrots you'll ever come across. That is due in no small part to the care and training that Bird Paradise taught us.

  • I recently purchased a Canary from Bird Paradise. bird store reviewThe experience I had here was absolutely wonderful. Kathy(who I later found out was the owner) answered all my questions and educated me on all the proper care and necessities to keep my bird happy and healthy. She also took the time to help me pick out toys, food dishes, a special diet, and even climbed shelves to make sure I had the perfect perches! If you are considering a feathered friend I highly recommend Bird Paradise!

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