Parrot Palooza Auction Winners

List 1 of auction winners.

This group of winners will be on shelf 1 & 2 when they come in.
“Prizes must be picked up within 30 days”

Rita Akgun \b0 – Large Zoo Max Piano Toy\par
Erin Arnold \b0 – Citrus Magic Spray\par
Christy Berg \b0 – Large A&E Happy Beaks Toy\par
Jim Clark \b0 – FM Brown’s Tropical Carnival Food\par
Kevin Dancher \b0 – Avi-Clean Gallon, Polly’s Mess Less Cup, AE Java Toy, Zupreem Food\par
Scott Dipierro \b0 – Perch Cleaner, Happy Beaks, Polly Wanna and Wiffle Ball Toy\par
Michelle Dorner \b0 – Happy Beaks Toy, Veggie Wash\par
Jim Doyle \b0 – 2 Smart Crock 15oz Bowls\par
Fran Driscoll \b0 – 2 AE Happy Beaks Toys, 1 Planet Pleasure Toy\par
Cindy Drudy \b0 – 2 Happy Beaks, 2 Jungle toys, 1 AE Java, 1 Planet Pleasures, 1 Polly Wanna, 1 Treat bag and 2 Calcium Perches.\par
Susan Gilleo \b0 – 2 Bags of Caitec Oven Fresh Bites\par
Mark Haley \b0 – Zoo Max Perch Toy, AE Java Ferris Wheel, Large Wooden Zoo Max Toy, Citrus Magic Spray\par
Angel King \b0 – Large Zoo Max Toy\par
Kizpolski\b0 – 2 Planet Pleasures Pinata Toys\par
Eric Kodish \b0 – Zoo Max Shower Perch, AE Java Toy\par
Danielle Lehman \b0 – 2 Sunseed Brain Teaser Toys\par
Pat Madden \b0 – Polly’s Mess Less Cup\par
Jane Martino \b0 – Zupreem Veggie Blend Food\par
Jim McGowan \b0 – Beaded Necklace and Earings Set\par
Laura Milbert \b0 – Avi Clean Gallon, Zoo Max Toy Box, Caitec Ladder, Busy Ball, 2 AE Acyrlic Boxes, AE Foraging Cage, Sunseed Brain Teaser Toy\par
LeeAnn & Tom Patano \b0 – Zoo Max Shower Perch, Birdie Bread\par
Cindra Sasso \b0 – 2 Bags of Zupreem Parrot Food, Large Wooden Toy\par
Heather Sconza \b0 – Zupreem Snacks, Caitec Wooden Toy, Prevue Hendryx Toy and Treat Bag\par
Mike Silcox \b0 – FM Brown’s Tropical Carnival Food\par
Allen Sorochiello \b0 – 2 AE Java Scewer Toys, Carefresh Bedding, Caitec Fruit Toy, Feathered Phonics CD\par
Benita Talley \b0 – 2 Bags Of Zupreem Avian Entrees\par
Kelley Zimmerman \b0 – 2 Snuggle Huts\par

List 2

Runaku Ashai – AE Sandstone Perch
Andrea Bay – 8oz Herb Salad
Melissa Berg – Happy Beaks Toy
Mary Bogdan – Perch Cleaner Brush
Annabelle Callery – Polly’s Ferris Wheel Perch
Lisa Careyote – Take Me Home Bird Carrier
Sherry Dzurko – Zoo Max Leather Toy
Marge Fitzgerald – Zoo Max Toy
Dawn Gavay – Happy Beaks Toy
Deb Gill – Zoo Max Toy
Carlos Gonzales – Aspen Pet Rope Perch
Ed Gore – 8oz Herb Salad
Betty Jane Haley – Bedding Scooper & Eggshell Calcium
Jon Hoff – JW Pet Activitoy
Brenda Hoffman – Happy Beaks Toy
Eric Kodish – Zoo Max Toy
Howard Lees – Zoo Max Toy
Pat Madden – Avitech AviPollen
Jen Mayfield – Happy Beaks Sand Perch
Lisa Miller – 3lb Crazy Corn Polly Pasta
Pat Mitchell – JW Pet Activtoy
Rose Morgan – AE Sandstone Perch
George Moy – FM Brown’s Tropical Carnival Food
Beverly Pak – Polly Wanna Shredder Toy
Sandra Pitera – Take Me Home Bird Carrier
Paul Reitz – Zupreem Smart Selects Food (Parakeet)
Renee Way – Happy Beaks Sand Perch
Lorretta Weeld – Jungle Toys Toy
Michelle Whiton – 3lb Crazy Corn Polly Pasta
Gwen Wodock – Zupreem Smart Selects Macaw Food
Lori Young – Zoo Max Leather Toy

List 3

Prizes On table #3

Cafondelli – Pet Focus
Chong – Poop Off
Brian Croshaw – Poop Off
Dawn Degormom – Pet Focus & Potty Pick Up
Andy Geering – Feathered Phonics CD Vol #3
Gmily – Egg Food
Suzette Gore – Poop Off & Easy Sprout
Sara Guerard – Poop Off Wipes
Steve Henmn – Poop Off Wipes
Bryon Huber – Pet Focus
Regina Jones – Feather Phonics CD Vol #9
Lisa Miller – Poop Swoop
Domingo Padilla – Pet Focus Control
Cheri Pretell – AviClean, Cocolaro, Easy Sprout
Rellia – Pet Focus & Potty Pick Up
J. Remoa – Pet Focus x 2
Michelle Sabba – Poop Off
James Schultz – Cocolora
Joe Sedoz – Feathered Phonics CD Vol #9
Gloria Vanhorn – Poop Off Wipes

List 4

Prizes On table #4

Lori Carrico – perch
Joyce Cassel – Garden Goodies Treats
Cheryl Davis – Comfy Rope Perch
Lisa Dembo – Treats
Scott Dipierro – Parrot Book
Vickie Ekstrom – Crazy Corn Polly Pasta
Carl Fowler – Wood Corner Perch
A Geering – Citrus Magic Spray & AE Java Toy
Carlos Gonzalez – Treats
Susan Lange – Crazy Corn Cookable Food
Shelley Lempugel – Garden Goodies Treats
Margaret Mailey – Bird Bath
Nicola Marsden – Shredder Toy
Rebecca Parker – Wood Corner Perch
Justin Pitua – Wonder Walk Bridge
Paul Reitz – Foraging Treat
Allen Sorochiello – Bird Bath
Kendra Swartz – Egg Shell Eggfood
J Wadsworth – Crazy Corn Polly Pasta
Wagoner – Love Birds Book
Tina Wilson – Wonder Walk Bridge


A Bravin – A&E Java Toy
Erica Briedu – Planet Pleasures Toy
Heather Evans – Planet Pleasures Toy
Jerri Fell – Space Pod
Barb Gallagher – Planet Pleasures Toy
Judy Gilbert – Litter Scoops
Pat Glover – Happy Beaks Toy
J. Goddard – A&E Java Toy
Herman Grey – Paradise Toy
Crystal Hegley – Space Pod
Robin Martin – Planet Pleasures Toy
Amy McNamee – Space Pod
Chloe Poffen – JW Pets Toy
Carmen Rasmussen – Perch Cleaning Brush
Cindra Sasso – Sundeck
Shane Schlosberg – Sundeck
Arthur Segal – Paradise Toy
Anthony Warmnet – Planet Pleasures Toy

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